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School Project

from £1000

5 days, including recorded Album download & concert

Partner Projects

from £600 per school

5 days, including recorded Album download & concert

Christmas Project

from £1400

5 days, including recorded Album download & concert


from £300

1 day workshop with children and parents/carers 


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To discuss all our price options please phone our Director, Andy Silver – 07980 692688

or email:  AndySilver@popuk.org for more details

Single School Project

A FANTASTIC five day project involving every child in a school, from the EYFS to Year 6. Every pupil is empowered and engaged during this fun and meaningful learning experience through which confidence, determination and pride are promoted and elevated. Children encourage and support each other as they learn all 7 songs to an excellent standard for a professional recording experience before the whole school and the wider community celebrates this achievement with a superb, public pop concert. The impact of this project on pupils, staff, parents and families is clear to see whilst staff are left secure in the knowledge that every child’s musical, social and emotional learning journey has been enriched and supported by the experience.  

Partner Projects

An excellent EXCITING opportunity to partner up and establish or strengthen links and relationships with neighbouring schools, communities and school academies as well as opportunities to partner with local community groups, retirement villages and organisations.  This project offers an amazing opportunity for collaboration and shared goals between schools/community groups.  Pupils gain from the process of working alongside new friends and feeling part of a group wider than their own school as together they learn all 7 songs. From a local community/retirement group aspect there is nothing more uplifting than singing and joining together with children. The co-operation and teamwork involved benefits every child and adult and is actualised in the professional recording sessions and the unifying, multi-school/community pop concert. This project fosters the growth of positive relationships between staff and pupils across schools whilst heightening awareness of the existing partnership for parents, carers and the wider community.  

One Day Workshop


This one day workshop is hugely successful in engaging parents with the school. Over the course of the day our Director, Andy Silver delivers three sessions. Each session involves the children learning a set of songs that explore very important life-building values all linking with the SMSC curriculum. Parents are invited in to be involved in these sessions.It becomes a memorable and engaging experience for them but most of all it strengthens relationships between school and parents and it enables parents to capture the ethos and values of the school. A typical timetable will be:

  • 9.15-10.30 – Years 5 & 6 with parents
  • 10.45-11.30 – Years 1 & 2 with parents
  • 1.30-2.45 – Years 3 & 4 with parents

Year 7 

A fantastic day workshop for Year 7 focusing on everyday life issues. 3 songs are learnt and and EP recorded. Check out our video below! 

Year 7 : St Joseph School - Workshop day!

Christmas Project

An exciting celebration of Christmas for everyone!

  • Benefits…. (Just a few!)
      • Christmas Production & Recording Album organised within 5 days.
      • Christmas Production Concert on your chosen date.
      • Brilliant Christmas songs including a Christmas medley!
      • Boost staff morale at what can be a stressful time of year.
      • Staff record their Christmas medley!
      • Project doesn’t impact on curriculum time compared with schools organising their own performance.
      • Adapt the teaching for more RE or SMSC focus if required.
      • Relieve staff of writing/planning/sourcing/rehearsing.
      • Christmas script provided so children have the opportunity to be readers as well as Pop Stars!
      • Parents love it, everyone is involved!
      • All equipment for performance provided.


Kingsland C.E Academy

Staff of Morecambe Road School!

“In all the years I have been at Cheadle Heath Primary I have never seen the children so inspired by a single project. It poignantly involved every child from reception to Y6 and crossed all cultural and religious divides. PopUK is inspirational and energised the whole school. I knew that the PopUK experience would be good but never did I expect it to be this good!” and I really mean it!”

Christine Meekley – Head, Cheadle Heath Primary

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