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Meet the team

In order to do our work effectively in schools, we have a team of high calibre people.
All our staff are passionate about working with children; they are people who have a high level of relational skills and people who fully understand how schools function.
They convey enormous fun from the front and yet able to equip children with crucial life values that they can draw upon in the ups and downs of life.
PopUK’s staff also understand the pressures on teachers. Our projects not only work with children but we seek to encourage and help build the staff morale and staff wellbeing. We look forward to coming into your school!

PopUK Founder & Director | Andy Silver

Andy studied music at Cardiff University and is a qualified and experienced teacher. Andy believes that education is about more than just academia: of equal if not greater importance is the development of a child’s personal capabilities and the growth of attributes for life. Education is not only about children becoming more intelligent and informed, it is about children developing skills to make good and wise decisions throughout their lives.

Twelve years ago he started PopUK (then known as Pop Connection) It is through this project that Andy and his team have helped children develop an understanding of key attributes for life: integrity, humility, self awareness, respect, resilience, compassion.

Andy regularly appears on BBC Radio 4 and Radio 2 as Music Director for its Religion and Ethics Department. He composes children’s songs for Harper Collins Education and his book “Singing Out” is used in primary schools across the country.

PopUK is part of Music Plus Trust, a registered charity limited by guarantee.

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Rachel Ortiz


Project Leader and Finance Manager


Jim Allen


Logistics Manager | Sound Engineer


Curly Clare


Project Leader and Marketing



Steve Archer

Sound Engineer

Ellyn Oliver

Project Leader




Sound Engineer | Producer


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