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How it works

Five Day Project

Single School Project

  • Every child in the school is involved
  • 7 vibrant pop songs are learnt over 3 days
  • Each song has lyrics that develops a child’s personal capabilities, emotional wellbeing and encourages children to live life in all its fullness.
  • Every child becomes a recording and performing artist
  • A high profile community concert is planned the following week
  • The school’s CD is launched into the community
  • Various project options available: ‘Sing it, Split it’, ‘Together as One’, ‘To Peak or not to Peak?’

Cluster Schools’ Project

  • Helping schools belonging to Multi School Academy Trusts to work together
  • Involving children from each school to learn and record a set of life affirming pop songs
  • Strengthening and developing long-term working relationships between the schools
  • Schools perform together at a local high school
  • A joint CD is produced involving all the schools

Transition Project

  • Bringing together Year 6 pupils from different schools
  • Involving Year 7 pupils from a local High School
  • All the children learn and record a set of funky pop songs
  • All the children perform the songs at a local High School
  • A joint CD is produced involving all the schools

One day project

One day project

  • A cross curricular project involving SMSC, Citizenship, RE and Music
  • An ideal follow-up to our Single School Project
  • Bringing together children and parents in the classroom, encouraging family learning
  • Involving the children learning songs in their year groups, inviting parents to join them
  • Each song explores a life building theme

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