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Social, Moral, Spiritual and Cultural learning through Music

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Schools record life-affirming, vibrant pop songs written to develop a child’s understanding of key life skills

“Get this project into your school – it inspires every child, it delights every parent and it will energise the staff!”

Andrew Warren, Vice-Chair of the Teaching Schools Council and Director of the Britannia Teaching School Alliance


Our ethos and what PopUK delivers:

We believe that education is about more than just academia: of equal if not greater importance is the development of a child’s personal capabilities and the growth of attributes for life. 

The question of coping in ‘the real world’ mustn’t be deferred until the security of school life draws to a close and adulthood looms. Instead, this very question must direct and inform our teaching decisions from the earliest stages of a child’s time in education. 

PopUK energises a primary school by involving every child in learning and recording a set of life affirming, vibrant pop songs. These songs provide the platform for developing a child’s understanding of key life skills.

“In all the years I have been at Cheadle Heath Primary I have never seen the children so inspired by a single project. It poignantly involved every child from reception to Y6 and crossed all cultural and religious divides. PopUK is inspirational and energised the whole school. I knew that the PopUK experience would be good but never did I expect it to be this good!” and I really mean it!”
Christine Meekley – Head, Cheadle Heath Primary

Listen to short clips of our 2016-18 songs

About Us!

What do we do?
  • We teach primary school children a set of vibrant, catchy, current sounding pop songs, each containing lyrics that explore life-affirming values. 
  • We transform primary school singing. Over a period of five days the school comes alive with singing!  The entire school (KS1 & KS2) works towards performing a high profile community pop concert and recording a professional pop album.
  • We help a school deepen and strengthen its relationship with parents and the wider community. As well as offering the five day project, we also offer schools a 1 day SMSC taster workshop where parents and children come together for the day.
  • We help a school demonstrate the talents of every child and we help each child to strengthen their self confidence and self achievement.
  • We create a truly memorable community event
  • We enhance the teaching of Music, SMSC, PSHE, Citizenship & RE
  • We improve staff morale – during the week we have great fun by bringing the entire staff together to record a secret staff track!

“PopUK songs are really current, so cool and vibey with great production…the project has certainly got the X Factor”   Matt Brind -Arranger and Conductor, ITV’s X Factor / Britain’s Got Talent & America’s Got Talent              

How do we do it?
  • Every child is involved
  • Over 3 days the children learn 7 vibrant pop songs, each containing a life-affirming message
  • On the fourth day the children are involved in a professional recording session at the school. A professional CD is produced.
  • The following week the entire school perform the songs at a high profile community concert usually held at a high school, church or community centre.

You can choose a five day project or a one day workshop

Five day projects – there are three options:

1. Single school project
2. Cluster school project – bringing together schools that are part of  Multi-Academy Trusts
3. Transition to Year 7 project  

1 day project:

1 day SMSC project involving children and parents – family learning

“PopUK is a fantastic way of drawing diverse communities together; it provides a great platform for the children to sing out (with gusto!) positive, life affirming songs which have been thoughtfully constructed to celebrate and encourage all that enables us to live well and honourably together, in our communities”   Tina Heath – Former Blue Peter Presenter


What do we teach the children?
  • We create a unique learning experience for children to sing, record and perform as an entire school.
  • We enable children to develop their self-knowledge, self-esteem and self-confidence
  • We enable children to think through beliefs and world views and to learn to show respect for one another irrespective of culture, ethnicity or religious belief.
  • We encourage children to accept responsibility for their behaviour, show initiative, and to understand how they can contribute positively to the lives of those living and working in the locality of the school and to society more widely
  • We help children further tolerance and harmony between different cultural traditions by enabling children to acquire an appreciation for and respect for their own and other cultures.


Clare Balding invites PopUK onto her Radio 2 show!

All previous PopUK songs are now available for Primary Schools in a fabulous new songbook “Singing Out!” 

Bloomsbury Education has published a blog on the ethos of the book. Click the link below:

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Our songbook has been published by the following publishers: 

Boosey & Hawkes Publishers:

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And also by Harper Collins Publishers:

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To order a copy click the Amazon link.  

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To listen to a selection of songs from  “Singing Out!”

click the link below:

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